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HEXA Miso Granule with Seaweed & Sesame Seed 30g + HEXA Torikotsu Chicken Ramen Soup Mix 30g
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Product: HEXA Miso Granule with Seaweed & Sesame Seed 30g


Miso is a fermented paste made from soybean packed with umami flavors. It is most commonly used to make miso soup; but due to its flavor enhancing properties, it is also frequently used to enhance the taste of other food by giving it a nice savory flavor without overpowering the original taste of the prepared dish. Besides that, miso is packed with probiotics which is known to improve gut health and immunity.

When you think of Japanese food, its highly likely that you would think of miso soup. As normal miso paste requires refrigeration, we have made it more convenient by using miso granules instead. Our HALAL Miso granules is sourced from one of the best miso producer in the world –  Marukome. It is sprayed dried and encapsulated to deliver the best taste. Just sprinkle and enjoy!



  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Basic and popular choices of seasoning in Japanese Cuisine.
  • Sprinkled over udon noodles, vegetables, steamed rice, eggs, sushi and etc.
  • Add to grilled meats, chicken (e.g. yakitori) fish and marinades, used in rubs, miso soups, tempuras and salad dressings
  • HACCP Certified.
  • Halal Certified.

Good food leads to a good mood.

We're here to fill your life with an exotic taste which you may not find easily anywhere else. Cook the kind of food that everyone remembers. Brimming with flavour and life, easy to cook. It can only be found in Ebaza.


Suggested Use

  • Glaze vegetables
  • Salad dressings
  • Dashi Soup
  • Soups/ Stews
  • Udon Noodles

Marukome miso granule (soybean), Rice, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate (INS621), Salt, Dried Bonito Powder, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Disodium 5′-ribonucleotides (NS635), Seaweed & Seasame Seed.

Keep in a clean, dry and cool place. Better to keep in the fridge once open.


Product: HEXA Torikotsu Chicken Ramen Soup Mix 30g

Introducing our latest culinary delight: Torikotsu Chicken Ramen Soup Mix Powder! Get ready to embark on a savory journey to Japan's ramen heartland with the perfect balance of rich chicken flavor and authentic Japanese spices. Crafted for the ramen enthusiast in you, this soup mix brings the taste of a bustling Tokyo ramen shop right to your kitchen.

Our Torikotsu Chicken Ramen Soup Mix Powder is a culinary masterpiece, designed to make your ramen preparation a breeze. Simply blend this flavor-packed powder with boiling water and enjoy a steaming bowl of ramen goodness in the comfort of your home.

With every sip, you'll savor the harmonious blend of umami goodness and a delightful hint of chicken essence, creating a truly satisfying ramen experience. Say goodbye to complicated recipes and hello to a warm, delicious bowl of ramen in minutes. Elevate your noodle game today with our Torikotsu Chicken Ramen Soup Mix Powder!



  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Authentic Japanese Flavor:
  • Adds savory depth to soups and rice
  • Basic and popular choices of seasoning in Japanese Cuisine.
  • HACCP Certified.
  • Halal Certified.


Good food leads to a good mood.

We're here to fill your life with an exotic taste which you may not find easily anywhere else. Cook the kind of food that everyone remembers. Brimming with flavour and life, easy to cook. It can only be found in Ebaza.


Suggested Use

  • Quick Ramen Broth: Dissolve the powder in hot water for a quick and flavorful ramen broth. Add cooked noodles, and you have a delicious bowl of chicken ramen in minutes.

  • Marinade: Combine the powder with a bit of oil and use it as a marinade for chicken, pork, or tofu. Let it infuse your protein with authentic ramen flavors before cooking.

  • Flavorful Soups: Enhance the taste of chicken-based soups, such as chicken noodle or chicken and vegetable soup, by adding a spoonful of the powder to the broth.

  • Savory Rice: Mix the powder with rice as it cooks to create a savory chicken-flavored rice, perfect as a side dish for a variety of meals.

  • Stir-Fry Seasoning: Sprinkle a pinch of the powder into your stir-fry dishes to introduce the delicious essence of chicken ramen into your stir-fry creations.

  • Sauces and Gravies: Use the powder to add depth and umami to pan sauces and gravies, making them ideal for serving over roasted meats, vegetables, or mashed potatoes.

Non-dairy creamer, Chicken Stock, Salt, Maltodextrin, Flavor Enhancer (INS621), INS(635), Yeast Extract, Fermented Vegetable Protein Powder (Soy), Corn Starch, Onion, Shrimp Powder, Anticaking agent (INS551), Soy sauce powder, Garlic & Spices.

Keep in a clean, dry and cool place. Better to keep in the fridge once open.

While Ebaza endeavors to ensure the correctness of its product images and information, sometimes minor changes about the packaging and/or ingredients may be a pending update on Though items may seldom happen to ship with alternate packaging, the freshness of the products is always guaranteed. We recommend that you check Hexa Food’s YouTube channel “” or Instagram page

“” for easy and convenient video recipes.   

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产品:HEXA味增粉与海苔芝麻籽 30克



当你想到日本食物时,很可能会想到味增汤。由于常规味增酱需要冷藏,我们使用味增粉末更加方便。我们的清真味增粉末来自世界上最好的味增生产商之一 - 丸米。它经过喷雾干燥和胶囊封装,以呈现最佳的口感。只需撒上一些,就能享受美味!


  • 100%天然成分。
  • 日本料理中基本且受欢迎的调味选择。
  • 撒在乌冬面、蔬菜、蒸饭、鸡蛋、寿司等上。
  • 添加到烤肉、鸡肉(例如日式烤鸡串)、鱼和腌料中,用于擦拭、味增汤、天妇罗和沙拉酱。
  • HACCP认证。
  • 清真认证。






  • 涂抹蔬菜
  • 沙拉酱
  • Dashi 汤
  • 汤/炖菜
  • 乌冬面








产品:HEXA鸡骨浓汤拉面汤料粉 30克






  • 100%天然成分。
  • 正宗的日本风味:
  • 为汤和米饭增添鲜味
  • 日本料理中基本且受欢迎的调味选择。
  • HACCP认证。
  • 清真认证。






  • 快速拉面汤底:将粉末溶解在热水中,即可获得快速而美味的拉面汤底。加入煮熟的面条,几分钟内就能享用美味的鸡肉拉面。
  • 腌料:将粉末与少量油混合,用作鸡肉、猪肉或豆腐的腌料。在烹饪之前,让它为您的蛋白质注入正宗拉面风味。
  • 美味的汤类:通过向鸡肉汤(如鸡肉面或鸡肉蔬菜汤)的高汤中加入一勺粉末,提升其味道。
  • 香喷喷的米饭:在烹饪时将粉末与米饭混合,制作出香喷喷的鸡味米饭,是各种餐点的理想配菜。
  • 炒菜调味料:在炒菜中撒上一把粉末,为您的炒菜创作中引入美味的鸡肉拉面精华。
  • 酱汁和肉汁:使用粉末为平锅酱汁和肉汁增添深度和鲜味,使其成为搭配烤肉、蔬菜或土豆泥的理想选择。









虽然Ebaza努力确保其产品图片和信息的正确性,但有时包装和/或成分方面的细微变化可能是即将更新的信息。尽管商品可能偶尔以替代包装发货,但产品的新鲜度始终得到保证。我们建议您查看Hexa Food的YouTube频道“”或Instagram页面“”以获取简便易行的视频食谱。


不再烦恼只能发现您需要的香草和香料缺货 =(  有了所有这些成分的访问权限,您现在已经具备了任何其他厨师所需的条件。使用我们的成分,烹饪出一道美味的菜肴,让每个人都惊叹,我们将感到骄傲。





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Product: HEXA Miso Granule with Seaweed & Sesame Seed 30g + HEXA Torikotsu Chicken Ramen Soup Mix 30g

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8 May 2024

Ceylon cinnamon sticks tu memang lain dr kayu manis biasa. Wangi dan lebih nipis. Baunya tak terlalu kuat, manis manis je.

7 May 2024

Small package tu best 
Sebab boleh masuk dlm handbag
Senang bawak g mana2 
Beli air without sugar blh add on snd 
Lebih sihat lebih mudah

6 May 2024

Kita suka la breakfast oatmix tu. Mudah buat pancake guna oatmix tu sebab semua ada dlm tu. Cepat kenyang dan sihat. Hope hexa blh keluarkan oatmix flour premix pula

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Rempah Nasi Daging ni sedap, tak payah banyak bahan dah. Tumis bawang putih dengan merah dah cukup.
Lepas ni menu Nasi Daging masuk dalam list menu untuk Hari Raya Korban.
Tambah pulak dengan air asam dan ulam.
Tak berhenti makan.
Kalau diet memang best menu ni. Lengkap dah.

30 April 2024

Rempah Nasi Arab Beriani tu mmg sedap. Secukup rasa. Xperlu tambah rempah lain dah. Nak buat Nasi Beriani boleh, Nak buat Nasi Arab pun boleh.

24 April 2024

Rempah Nasi Daging terbaekk..

23 April 2024

Erymaze glass jar ni best boleh dibawa ke mana-mana. Kalau pergi kedai nak minum, order air tak payah minta gula. Sebab saya bawa sendiri pemanis Erymaze.

23 April 2024

Terima kasih Hexa, kita dah PRO masak Nasi Arab, Beriani, & Mandi wink

5 April 2024

Suka rasa dia mcm milk tea taiwan 
Lebih sedap mix dgn pearl or cincau

14 March 2024

Sy suka gila la gula ni
Sbb berlemak letak dlm air mahupun masakan

Hope hexa buat yg pek besar pula lepas ni

14 March 2024

Muz thai tea tu pun sedap giler bg akak terasa tea orignal thai tu..

8 March 2024

Kudapan yg sihat dan sedap, sesuai utk anak2 yg kurang suka mkn sayuran

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Sdp rasa gula kelapa ni, blh letak dlm dessert atau lauk pauk.. rasa lemak manis tu mmg terbaik

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MUZ Thai Tea sedap. Rasa pure thai tea & vanilla. Wangi & kurang manis

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rasa light teh susu yg sedap, tak terlalu berlemak.. rasa tak muak

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Alhamdulillah akak suka sangat2 rasa ayam dr chicken seasoning ni.. cukup semua rasa klu goreng sayur akak cuma letak ni je tak payah campur perisa lain2 dah.. terbaik.. masak sup pun sedap yes

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sedap, kenyal. Makan sejuk sejuk, nikmat. Kurang manis tapi sedap.

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