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Make a Cooking Video with HEXA and Earn RM500

Write By: ebazaj Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2015-09-23 Hits: 1428 Comment: 0

Hello Cooks,

It’s time to show off your cooking talent and earn RM500 cold hard cash from us. Basically, you just gotta use one of our product (given by us), whip up a tasty dish and turn it into a video.

The aim of the video will be to teach our Facebook and Youtube fans how to prepare those dishes. It’s your first step being the next Gordon Ramsay! Interested? PM us at Facebook or Talk to us at:

"We’r Cooks"



Terms and conditions

- Cooking Video will be consider HEXA Food Sdn. Bhd. intellectual property, you will record , edit and submit the video. Once the video is deemed ready for posting, RM500 will appear in your bank account.
- Video length: <2min if possible, with English/Malay subtitle, voice is optional.
- Video Content: You’ll need to introduce yourself and the selected HEXA products, aim of the video is to teach viewers on how to prepare the specific dish. 
- Video Quality: You can refer to the following videos::

Hadramot Nasi Arab Kabsah Kambing

Little Fat Duck cooks Aglio Oglio

Interested? You can email HEXA directly at or

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