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HEXA Galangal Powder 30g

Brand: Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd
Product Code: HX0042
Availability: In Stock

Galangal powder comes from the galangal root, which is a rhizome similar to ginger. It is sometimes called Laos root or Thai ginger because of its frequent use in Laotian and Thai cuisine. Galangal is a member of the ginger family. Galangal have a stronger taste than common ginger, but milder in terms of spicyness.

Welcome to HEXA Online  Herbs & Spices Shop!

Here you are able to find most of our products and purchase through this easy channel.  No more hassle visiting supermarkets only to find that the herbs and spices that you need is outta stock =(

With  access to all of these ingredients, you are now equipped with what any other chefs have.  Use our ingredients, whip up a fantastic dish, make everyone awe, and we will be proud.

Wanna know more about our company? You can visit us at: or here's a short story: 

Our company was established in 1997. From a humble setup of manual machineries, today fully automated grinding and packaging machineries are used to meet our growing business demands. It is our goal to make"Krisanya" & "HEXA" household brands that define Quality, Affordability, and Taste. 

We manufacture a wide range of products such as: Spices,Seasonings, Marinates, Herbs, Flour & Curry Powder. Our current sales channels include the Retail (hypermarket,supermarket, mini market, etc) , Food Service and Online too. Any question regarding our products, you can email us at

That's it!

Products Specification
How to Use Galangal is used in all the cuisines of South-east Asia, particularly in seafood and chicken dishes. It is frequently pounded with onion, garlic, chilies and ginger to make a spice paste. It is most common used in Tom Yam dishes.
Net Weight / Volume 30 grams
Country of Origin Malaysia
Ingredients Origin Thailand
Packaging Material Plastic Bag
Product Dimensions 110mm x 160mm x 20mm
Certifications HALAL
Shelf Life 12 Months
Storing Condition Dry, Cool Place. Refrigerate for longer shelf life

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